Friday, October 31, 2008


... just call me BETTY, UGLY BETTY that is. yes, i will be her tonight.

stay tuned---- photos and fun yet to be seen.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

eye brows

so.. my mom does not have thick eyebrows... anyway, today i was teaching her how to darken her brows just enough to make them noticeable. well.. ...

LITTLE MISS "NOTICE EVERYTHING" .. saw mawee this evening. mom said she was minding her own business and ADDIE came to her and said, "Mawee, you have mean eyebrows".. (mom not knowing exactly what addie just had said) asked her ,"what did you say addie?".. and as clear as day ADDIE looked at mom and said, "MAWEE, you have MEAN eyebrows!!"... and just walked off. not another word about. Mom was laughing so hard she could hardly breathe. I mean how does a 3 year old notice eyebrows that were darkened just a tad bit???

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


this weekend Ruben and I went to Monclova to visit. It was so awesome to see all the kids again. they were so excited..(we surprised them). I loved being back there. my heart was so full of love for the place and all the kids. but, at the moment i know that its best for me and Galilea to be here, to let more people know about Galilea and the support that it needs. I am going to try to make the trip about once every 2 months.
There is still a need for monthly support. i would also like to set up some sort of sponsorship program for each child. i hope to have more details to come about this.
if you would like to make a donation to CASA HOGAR GALILEA, you can make the check out and send it to:

Beatriz Franco
P.O. Box 6106
Eagle Pass, Texas 78853

You have no idea how much anything means to the people of Galilea.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2 nights

thats how long little miss bossy pants has been here. me and mom have been dying laughing at her. she is in her own little world and we love it!
things we did while she was here:

it was a blast!! i love this child.

hearts of dart

thats the name of my sisters blog and i think everyone should go and check it out. i have the most amazing sister!!
aren't they the cutest family ever!!


here is lana in one of the hott dresses from buffalo jo. she is getting an ad together to let everyone know about a really cool event that she is going to be putting on sometime in November. Its going to be amazing and you are not going to want to miss out! for more information keep your eyes open for the next Neighbors magazine.
i said it once and i will say it again:
(i know, that was alittle cheezy)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

this is an email from melsa...

Last week, David Manship and Whitney Vann were behind the bar at Mansurs and raised over $2000 for the Capital Area United Way! Please join us this week at Walk-on's to see Cane's Todd Graves and LSU's Verge Ausberry serving good times for a good cause!

melissa rainbow

im proud of her. she set up this amazing project for united way called SHAKEN AND STIRRED!!!! YES, she has done it all.
tonight is an event at Walk-ons....2 really famous people of baton rouge will be there!!
this post really is not about the event...
its all about MELSA!!! and how i am oh so proud of her! keep up the amazing work melissa.. you make united way and BR look GOOD!!!........................ here she is with evie and bella.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

thinking and missing

these boys still have my heart and i miss them so much. i hope i get to see them soon. not just them.. but everyone at Galilea.

halloween birthday bash

saturday night was cami,ali and hunters birthday party. it was their first "boy-girl" dance party. well.. if that is what you want to call it.. BUT i would call it a "text all night on the blackberry and apple phones (yes, these kids are only 11,12 and 13) to the person that is standing next to you..lets keep running back and forth to the bathroom..lets break the glow sticks and put the liquid on our bodies..lets call it a dance party but, only really dance to the line dances..lets throw balloons at each other,,allll nightt.." wow, what a night!! but then again,they are only 11-13....
Everyone had a really good time and thats all that matters!! i figured out that this age group is kinda like in their own little world. i was amused just by watching them! it was FUN!!
my camera batteries ran out so i could not take alot of pictures... but i think i will be ok, because there were plenty of other cameras there and im sure they are going to be posted on every 11-13 year old myspace page that was at the party!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

pretty toes

this is my feet today. they got pampered. not only did my feet get pampered but also my soul during the pedicure. i had the best conversation with the Lavorta (the nail technician). i also got my hair colored and cut. in the process of all of this, i started to feel alittle bad about pampering myself. but then katie started talking about how today is "boss's day"... so then i thought.. well. i am my own boss so today i am treating myself for "Happy Boss's Day".... anyway. it was fun and i felt like "something special".. it will be a long time before this type of day happens again! thanks to the girls at avery lane.. i hope i was a good model for your class.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


the weekend was FULL!

ruben surprised me with a visit! we had a really good weekend together.
he got here friday night late .. so saturday we rested, ate at Magnolia Cafe and walked around St.Francisville. saturday night we went to my Mawmaws 86th birthday party! there he met the whole family, which can be really intiminating, but Ruben did really really good....he loved mawmaw.. but who couldn't. she is the best woman in the world! i like to call her my best friend.
i think ruben felt alot better whenever we went to my sisters house. addie,evie and bella ran out the door yelling rubens name in their sweet little voices. the best part is that they have never even met ruben but know him oh so well from computer and over the phone conversations. this made rubens heart melt, knowing that he was loved!!
i am so thankful that he was able to come ....
here are some pics to show of our good time together..

Thursday, October 9, 2008

NMS cheer

ali and cami had a cheer game last night. GO BRAVES! all i have to say it that these little girls are GREAT!!
i am soo proud of them!! actually im like the proudest aunt in the whole wide world.
they are turning 12 tomorrow and im so sad. they are growing up so quick.
i took addie with me and she loved watching cami and ali. she thought she was something else because her cousins were the cheerleaders!!
im proud.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

million dollar BIKES!!

my mom "the yard sale queen" bought 2 bikes. the purple one for $3 and the pink one for, i think $4. and how awesome bc pink and purple just happen to be evie and bellas favorite colors... the boyish black one came from our neighbors dump. i added the sparkle tags to the handle bars to make it look more girly.. addie just thinks.. it is the best thing ever!
anyway.. the girls love them. as you can see, they are learning to ride without training wheels. we had a blast watching them today. a few fall downs and scraped knees but everyone is alll -goodd!!! addie already wants to take her training wheels off.. but, shes not there yet..
mom loved cheering them on.. but i think she was most proud of her awesome deals!!!
how someone elses junk has become our darling little girls prizes..
evie, bella, and addie are learning to love other peoples junk!!


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