Sunday, April 29, 2012

30 is here.

30 is here. i was surprised by what was supposed to be a friday evening family dinner ended up with lots of fabulous friends as well. it was such a joy to see some of my favorite people all together. i was overwhelmed by the sweet gifts and a jar of $ for my next Haiti trip. we ate and danced the night away that ended at Teddy's (a world famous blues bar).  i had so much fun and i'm so very thankful!!!

im 30. its fun.
wow. a year goes by so fast.  this past year was so fun for me. pictures are fun too.

 im 29. 4/28/11
 a little bday buddy. Levi James..4/28/11

april:   D-now weekend with some amazing teens.

 fun evenings with fun friends.

started doing some furniture painting. i love other peoples junk.
april-may:  coached these darlings in softball. we were considered "most improved"

spent most of the days with my most favorites.
 may:  bayou country fest with these nerds.

 oh crap, i just cut my hair.
june--HAITI with Respire Haiti.
 loved to gressier neighborhood kids. they made my trip! 

met and loved on Gabrielle. alot.
wanted to take her home. still do.

finally met michaelle. now, she belongs to megan!!

im a doula. its such an honor to experience birth.

taught the missions class for VBS @ Feliciana Baptist Church. loved this!! 

july:  went to youth camp with fbc. camp was great and i learned that i really do enjoy teenagers. they were such a joy to be with!! im so thankful that i got/get to share life with them!  we ended the week off with an atlanta braves baseball game on July 4th.


got over a fear. rode it 4 times. that was enough.

 july:  Disney World. 20 years later. my 1st time was when i was 9.
 same goofy hat that i wore at 9.

in august:  beach with family and friends. oh, so much fun!
the white girls at the beach. 

spent lovely days with Genevieve.


love wins.

  september:  i went to austin with lana for acl. got to hug katheryn davis, see stevie wonder and lots of new bands. and i got a new tattoo.

had to get glasses. and .. beth moore conference with amazing friends.
 lsu football with sweet friends.

Thanksgiving week. Haiti again to serve alongside Respire.  an awesome week was spent serving the people of Gressier. this trip was life changing in so many ways. 

Patot. she has my heart.

national champioship. lsu lost but. we had a great time!
loved being able to share this time with C & A

feb:  disney again with zhs cheer team. 12th in the nation!!!!

i love my girl friends.

feb:  mardi gras ball for princess carley fudge with beautiful friends!!!

Easter Sunday was very special bc Addie got baptized. 

and.... im 30.
im single.
i love what i do.
my family is the
im healthy.
i love.
i try to serve to my best.
Jesus is my hearts desire.
im thankful for family.
my friends are lovely.
if i ever complain, you can punch me.
i love seeing others serve.
my church is real.
im simple.
Jesus is my remedy. 


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