Monday, January 18, 2010

really wants to be here.


go to and just look at the images.
pray for protection.
the orphans. oh the orphans, i wish i was there to hold them in my arms. to comfort them. heart is broken for them. for this place. i wish i could go.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a prayer for hoochie.

well.. last month i went to Galilea and my parents dog-sat for me. during this time Hoochie got away and my dad spent 3 very nerve racking days looking for her. he walked and drove the whole town of zachary. when i got home.. they had to tell me the news. "we can't find hoochie" i was very upset, but could not be really mad at my dad. i felt sorry for him bc he felt horrible and was very sad about this. i spent the next couple days looking for her.and nothing. sad. very sad. she really was a sweet dog. but at times i felt sorry for her. i didnt get to play with her as much as i wanted to.
i am believing that hoochie isnt on the side of the road somewhere.. im believing that some sweet family with awesome kids have picked her up and has welcomed her into their family. this makes me feel better about the situation. this is my prayer. and i think the Lord has taken care of her.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shutterfly | Shared Picture Detail

Shutterfly | Shared Picture Detail

i love my friends.. this was our about our 10th year to have our annual Christmas party!!
we always have a blast when we get together. theres nothing like a bunch of good friends!
thanks to madeline for opening her house up this year.. i can't wait for many more of these parties...
hopefully we are still doing this when we are 80!!!!!


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