Sunday, May 6, 2012

my favorite teenagers. (brag post)

ill start with:   Hunter Cain White.

Hunter is my favorite 16 year old. the cutest 16 year old i know.  he's a great big brother - who loves and protects his sisters and brother. he is a strong hearted king of guy. of course, i think he's an awesome baseball player and a great dancer. he loves people and always greets with a hug. even though sometimes, i call him a "punk"-- he really does have the sweetest heart. Hunter is learning so much about himself and what is means to love with all your heart. Hunter loves Jesus and is learning what a relationship with HIM looks like. Hunter knows what is to put family 1st. Hes an awesome big brother and a great cousin, darling nephew, humble son, and a wonderful grand-son. Hunter is my pride and joy. the 1st born. i am so proud of him.

so, Hunter was at zhs.  he was on the "famous" zhs baseball team, his friends were great. life was good. 
life is still really good for Hunter. he now goes to Silliman in Clinton. he lives with his dad (my brother) Jo-Jo, step-mom Jerry Kay, step-sister Madeline and brother Deacon in Norwood.  it has been a huge adjustment for Hunter but, he has done so very well.  he is a teenager boy, and where some teenager boys would have taken longer to adjust, Hunter has done so well.  at his new school, he was able to be on the basketball team,  the baseball team and now he is in spring training for football!! while on the baseball team he injured his pitching arm and had to sit out for about 4 weeks. his attitude stayed positive and his teammates and coaching staff were super encouraging to him. he was voted on by his classmates for "all around beau" for the sophomore class.  SHS academically was a challenge for Hunter but, now he is holding good grades and even told my sister that next year he will have straight A's. although he misses seeing his friends daily at ZHS, his new friends at SHS have been so great!  oh, and he even got to go to his 1st prom with his darling girlfriend Haley, who is a junior and a golf-pro (go haley!) 
Hunter is also learning what it means to work and earn money. he is understanding that is takes hard work and that nothing is ever handed over. it has not been easy as a 16 year old to "get this" but, hes learning. 
i can see so much growth in Hunter since the move. we all, as his family and support, have learned something from this. 

we are Hunters #1 fans!!!!  

my next favorite teenagers... Alissa Lee and Camrie Marie

Ali and Cami are 15, inseparable, and love each other so much.  i love that they are best friends.  one can't do something without the other.  C&A stick together. i love that they have each other in this teenager world they live in bc i know that i would not want to be a teenager in 2012. they love to dance and act goofy together. they really are the funniest people i know. they don't have to have "the best" and they are thankful. their hearts are so sweet. the Lord has everything to do with this. 

--->Ali is so fun. her sweet personality attracts many friends. she loves cami so much and tends to her like "shes the big sister".
--->Cami is a goof- ball. she loves Ali so much and is thankful that Ali does all the "important" stuff.  Cami's super laid personality is such a blast to be around. 

Cami and Ali live with my momma and dad (their mawee & pawee).  they surely miss living with Hunter but, they make sure that they see him a couple times a week and every weekend. this has also been an adjustment for them as well as the family. they have become little ladies and its been so fun to watch them grow. C&A have been so sweet to my parents. they're learning to cook and help around the house, only bc my momma does not play when it come to house work..hahaha. they are in 9th grade at ZHS with really good grades!!  Cami and Ali just recently made the ZHS cheer team for their 10th grade year. they LOVE cheer. in February the cheer team went to disney world to compete in nationals and got 12th in the nation. i was so thankful to share this experience with the team. they have improved so much in cheerleading. i am so impressed with what they can do!! 
they also looked beautiful at their 1st homecoming dance. they were asked to ZHS and Sillman. Popular! haha.  they looked 15 and not 25. thank goodness. 
along with Hunter, C&A are also learning what it means to work. they are starting to babysit and learn responsibility. they love babysitting their 1/2 sister Katie and are thankful to do so.  C&A have great friends who love them so much.  they are looked up to by their friends bc of their strong desire to want to be like Jesus. Cami and Ali are great sisters, great cousins, great daughters, great grand-daughters and great nieces. they always put family 1st. 

wow. im in tears after writing about my darling heart White kids. i really could go on & on about these 3. they make my heart so full. i wish we could press the pause button -- they are growing up way to fast. im thankful that the Lord allowed me to my their aunt. its been such a blessing. so thankful. i wish i could explain how my heart feels when we are together. pure joy. they have taught me so much about life and hardships, how to balance them and keep your head up. they have taught me that family is a gift from God. a gift. 

Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.  Eph. 6:4

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 1 Cor. 13:7



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