Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wow. i just love how Jesus is so dang sweet. and how He loves us so much. we people who are so undeserving of His great love but, yet He reaches down and grabs us up into His everlasting big ole arms and loves on little bitty us.

i tend to get alittle worried about somethings.. but why? He is the creator of the universe and He holds me in His hands.

why don't i just believe?

Just believe Jessi...HE wants me to just believe and trust in Him.

el Senor tienes la control!!!!!!!!!!

this bring hope, peace and comfort.
thank you Lord.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


so Jesus has been all over my family lately and its been beautiful!!
*moms had surgery and 2 tumors were taken out and after a week we got the results back and NO CANCER!!
*dad had kidney stone stuff...had the procedure, and recovered great!!!
*kelli and david are moved in and the house is just darling. im so proud of them!!
*my uncle that lives in California went in to have open heart "something"...and ended up getting closed right back up bc there was nothing there...hello! miracle!!!
*hunter, my nephew, accepted Jesus as his Savior and it was the sweetest thing. we are all so happy for this.
*kelli and david joined Feliciana Baptist Church and are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for them there.
*my uncle Victor is cancer free!!! doctor could not find anything!! he is still on the road to recovery, learning how to eat again with his mouth instead of feeding tube. wow.. cancer free!

just wanted to share these amazing things.
the Lord is so Good. im in the middle of doing a bible study Esther. its a beth moore that i am doing with FBCZ. its really really good and im learning a ton.
always remember that...GOD knows and HE wants us to be still and Know that He is God!


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so. im simple. its not about me, all the time i find that when i get in the way of what the Lord is trying to do...things get messed up. i try to love on others. i have great friends that i am very proud of and my family is the iron that sharpens me.