Wednesday, April 8, 2009

wishing i was somewhere else.

well this week for the past like 6 years i have been in MEXICO.
this week has seemed alittle strange bc i am here and supposed to be there.
but, as most days i feel alittle weird... bc i always feel as if i am supposed to be there. but, i know that the Lord has me here with family. friends, back at work for a reason and i am blessed!! things have been really good!!

anyway..have a great week.. be blessed this week as you think about the real meaning of Easter!!! Jesus is so sweet!!

thank you Lord.


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so. im simple. its not about me, all the time i find that when i get in the way of what the Lord is trying to do...things get messed up. i try to love on others. i have great friends that i am very proud of and my family is the iron that sharpens me.