Tuesday, August 11, 2009


before i tell you about the surprise. i want to tell you about a really cool friend that we met in galilea. MORGAN POOLE. she is living in galilea for the summer. we all were instant friends. it was so sweet how the Lord just connected our hearts. because of our love for galilea and of course because of Jesus. we all feel like we are going to be friends forever!! (duh, we are!) and we already have future trips and road trips planned!! thanks morgan for loving galilea like we do! we all love you sooo much!!!

it was a great surprise!!

it was loaded down. to the top. if you were sitting on the back row, we could barely see you. we were all squished but it didn't matter. we were all going to our favorite place!

once we got there, we could not wait any longer. we had to tell. so we did and at first they didn't get it. then once they did..WOW!! tears of joy and lots of laughs were shared. they were so excited that they got in it and drove around the yard.

so, yeah. the blue surburban that we left in.. well we left it there!!!
thanks so FBC Zachary. The Ring. and lots of really awesome people who made this happen.
i wish you all could have seen their faces in person..it was priceless.
thanks for being so willing and giving. be blessed.


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