Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LSU won.. and will hopefully WIN tonight! for the CHAMPS
its hott.
my heart is still sad. but getting better hopefully.
kids make my heart smile.
family in from cali. they are so cute.
my uncle is sick and it makes me sad.
i want to be a mid-wife.
i really really want to be at Galilea soon. i miss them.
Jesus reminds me daily that He is in control. sometimes its just really hard.
im thankful for HIM. for His comfort.
new music = Tyrone Wells and Justin Young.
i can't beleive its already july.
i dream daily to have an orphanage. a haven for kids.
sometimes my thoughts are in spanish, and i like it.
im kinda on a diet. well...
family is so sweet. im so thankful for them.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

summer time.
today it was close to 100 degrees. it was so bad considering my air in the xterra does work that well. even when i lived in mexico (even during the hottest months) it did not feel as hot as it was today...
today Hunter and i went to BR .. he did really good on his report card so i rewarded him with a pair of the coolest tennis shoes i should say. he promises to take really good care of them. im so proud of hunter. honor roll. hes just a really cool kid. i even had to do some shopping for myself and for a friend who is getting married soon. he did'nt complain one time.
today i saw some twins (about 6 months old) at the mall and i was looking at them thinking about our twins. they do grow up sooo quick. its hard for me to even remember our twins when they were that young. after hunter and i ate i walked up to the worn out mom, who did have help from her momma, and said make sure you enjoy every minute bc they grow up soo quick. i was kinda sad as i walked away. cami and ali are NOW 12 and evie and bella 6. dang. time flies.

a couple friends and i are going to nashville this weekend. it will be a good getaway from everyday life. a nice road trip. a super cool friend is getting married. a good reason for us to go!

so, my mom has 3 sisters. one has already passed away. one lives in california and one lives here. well, the one that lives here is moving to missouri where another brother lives. im really sad..its going to be different without her here. she was my babysitter as a kid .. so she was kinda like my other momma. dang. i think i am just realizing that she is leaving. and probably will never come back here to live again. im sad for my mom and the rest of the brothers that are here. and especially for my maw. but, bott deserves the best. she loves missouri and her health is much better there!!! im so happy for her and Jim. bott is ready for the country life!! congrats Bott. this is what you have been waiting for!!

i miss mexico. i could write forever on this subject but... well, maybe another time. i just miss it sooooooooo much and want to go really really soon.

buenas noches luna.


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