Tuesday, September 30, 2008


saturday,, lana and i took evie and bella to LSU for tailgating..
it was such a pretty day but alittle hot..as you can see with their little red faces.
we had such a good time!!
mike the tiger.
ice cream.
rolling down the indian mound.
afterwards.. mom came and picked up evie and bella. lana and i went to the game.. we watched the tigers win while sitting behind lsu tuba players.

Monday, September 29, 2008

justa' swangin'...

My sister thinks that i should name this post, "the poor country livin' trailer kids"...

well.. really just playing in the play house. evie and bella got home from school and addie ran to the car to meet them. they have been playing ever since. she misses them for the 7 hours they are gone. like really misses them. i hope and pray that they will always be as close as they are today. my sister does an amazing job and always teaches love.
shes the best mom and i wish she would have another one soon!

(hint.hint. kelli... )

and YES.. addie is in her panties and as always they are on backwards.


good day.

stayed the night with my sister and her darling kids. evie and bella went to school so addie and i played dress up. at first she had nothing to do with "dress up"..then i told her that i was going to dress up josie.. she then decided that she wanted to play too....
we took some pictures and i wanted to share them with you. all i can say is that i have the funniest neice in the world.. i was dying laughing the whole time i was taking these.

i love family. they make my heart smile. I'm proud. I'm thankful.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

just thinking

my back hurts.
i slept way to late this morning.
dinner at chimes was AMAZing.
red beans and rice. with good friends
im drinking vitimans. its gross.
but i add a little chocolate to it and it makes it alittle better.
work is slow.
tigers play this weekend.
tomorrow is melsas birthday. mexican night at her house.
im making my special dip.
i miss Galilea. i plan to go soon. and ERMF
the Lord provides comfort and encouragement when things do not make sense.
im thankful. im trusting.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


addie is here and im so happy. mom went to silliman today for grandparents day and brought her home. she looks darling with her short tail sally haircut.

my other best friend is here. my mawmaw. she is just piddlin around, just wanderin...
she is so fun to be with. we just play and pick with each other.

just a while ago we went to the post office to get stamps. she handed me $3 and told me to get her a book of stamps... i told her not to worry about it that i would get it... i guess she didnt realize that a book of stamps is $8.40 .. wow how the times have changed.. how the prices have raised..

addie is the coolest kid. i have been dying laughing at her since she got here. she loves coming over here because she is the boss here!! and she knows it!

Deacon my little love just got here with my brother .. this day is just great! addie is calling him "little buster".. he is the cutest thing in the world. he is my little heart! my brother is so proud of him. well. what can i say? we are just a blessed family.

Monday, September 15, 2008

so.. im new at this. but my sister is in love with different peoples blogs and ive been with her all day and its kinda fun. im really not fan of posting your business all to the world but i have some pretty amazing neices and nephews that i would like to share about.
also, i have only been home for about 8 weeks now. i've been living in Monclova,Mexico.
while i was there i lived in an orphanage. it was pretty amazing and the Lord taught me a million things on my journey. i will be posting somethings about this place too. anyway.. my life is kinda crazy right now but i know that whatever happens it will all be worth it in the end. the Lord is good.


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