Wednesday, November 6, 2013

its official (like we really needed a ring to make that happen)

its official.

What seemed like a normal invite over from Ben, led to the best invite EVER. oh, how i am thankful!!

It was thursday the 31st and yes, i was dressed as "weeza" from the oh so famous film Steel Magnolias. The Avery Lane staff decided to dress up as the cast for halloween and my sweet co-workers chose me as "weezza". i didn't mind. ;) 
so, i painted my hair grey and threw on some over-alls. super simple. 
I worked all day, then headed to Bens (still dressed as "weeza")…..

Once i arrived at Bens, i asked if i could jump into the shower because by that time my hair was a matted grey mess.  He gladly told me, "YES. PLEASE DO", secretly knowing that i would have probably killed him if he would have asked me to be his wife dressed as "weeza"… that my friends, would have been hysterical. 

After my shower, I threw on some pj's and my hair was thrown into a towel. I walked out into the kitchen where Ben was and he seemed a little giddy.. He handed me a blue moon as he took a sip of his modelo (left over from our friends & family that visited a few weekends ago) and then he asked me to come sit outside on the front porch to rest and visit.

As he held the door for me and lead me outside to the front porch, to my surprise, were 2 rocking chairs and a candle. It kind of reminded me of a scene straight out of Hope Floats or Sweet Home Alabama. The rain was falling on the tin roof and it was pitch black outside.  You guys feel the romance?? haha.  It was the sweetest thing. 

My 1st acknowledgement was the rocking chairs because they had never been on Ben's front porch before. But, I totally recognized the rocking chairs. For they were the same rocking chairs that Ben and I had our very 1st conversation in when we met July 2, 2012 at Judson.  In those same rocking chairs, is where I heard the words, "I just like helping people" and in those same chairs my heart did a little flitter thingy and I knew there was something super special about Ben Morris. 

AND >>>---------------> in those same rocking chairs is where Ben Morris asked me to live with him forever as his wife and serve each other and others forever. 
Ya'll, i did do a little scream because he completely caught me off guard. i mean, i had a towel wrapped around my head. goodness! 
Then, i cried…. and cried and an hour later, I was still crying. 
During this time, Ben prayed over me, for us, and for our engagement. He asked the Lord to lead us, to guide us and to make this time about HIM and others and for our marriage to increase HIS kingdom. 

It was HAPPY. it was OVERWHELMING. it was SCARY. I had a couple of "how in the world will i ever be a good enough wife" thoughts. it was joyful.  it was LOVE.
it was PEACE.  I felt kindness from Ben. I felt encouragement from Ben. I felt LOVED not only by Ben but by Christ. I felt honored and humbled. 

We made a ton of phone calls to our loved ones to let them know our news. It was so joyful to share!  Everyone was excited. We ended the night with a ride to the Dart house because my sister could not stand not being able to hug me until morning.. and honestly, I couldn't stand it either. I needed to hug her right away.  MY SISTER ya'll, has been praying a long time for my husband. A long time. My sister had a lot to do with my introduction to Ben Morris and she could not have known me better than JESUS. hahaha. 
I was greeted with lots of hugs and tears and Ben was greeted with, "YEAH,UNCLE BEN!!" Tara and Josh along with Ruben and June came over as well and we celebrated!!  We celebrated!!!  IT WAS GREAT!!! 

this was JESUS.  He is the one who did this.  He made me fall in love with Ben Morris and I am so happy He did!!  I am also super thankful that Ben responded to the call to marry me as well.  

JESUS IS THE and knows exactly what HE is doing!!!!  WE TRUST HIM. WE are believing amazing things for our marriage and our life!!  



oh the ring…. let me tell you about it. 
its 3 of his MIMI's rings melted down to make one. i am so honored by this. how special!!  i am honored to wear it and one day share it with our son or daughter. its a ripple. we are starting a ripple. goodness, Jesus is soooooo GOOD!  


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