Sunday, July 10, 2011

its been forever.

yeah. its been forever. not even sure why i havent written. i guess i kinda forgot that i even had this blog thing. with facebook and gmail i guess i forgot. well.. heres alittle info.

i've been to haiti. twice. and want to continue to go back.

here is something from my journal while i was there the 2nd time. i was sitting i the airport waiting to return home. here are my thoughts:

airport. port au prince. june 11,2011.

- darling orphans.sick orphans. darling sick orphans.
-cried leaving #25. (thats the address to where i was staying)
-kat,rita,meg,trevor = darling hearts.
-depressed people.happy people.restored people.
-bathing in ditches.washing clothes in ditches.
-horrible ran hungry.desperate.
-beautiful land. beautiful sea.
-tap tap rides.
-salsa dancing in the living room. zeke.micheal.kat
-more meds needed.
-roof top sleeping.secret bath room using. bucket flushing.
-no whinning.
-countryside orphanage. son of god orphange.
-Gaberial. darling and hard to leave.
- would love to see hunter here.
-david has an idea to build chicken coop and garden.
-school needs breakfast.
-haitians.asians.koreans.americans all in airport. beautiful to see nations coming together.
-PAP. LaColeen.Gressier.
-craziness still.people everywhere.
-Gressier neighborhood: Ricardo and family. Jefferson. BayBay and family. Wimpsey.
-translators: Jacques.Arland.Wilbur.
-Pastor Benito needs a house. leaving in tent now. has 3 kids.
-teachers at the school really seem to connect with misty and the other counselors.
-kids @ school, most are slaves.
-its quiet in here (airport) but, right across the door is instant chaos. instant.
-seeing older people here serving is very encouraging.

im so thankful for this trip. now, going home but really wanting to stay. i could stay. God is in control. COMPLETE.
be patient. patient.
Thankful for the blessing-protection,grace. Jesus is real in every way. I proclaim Him.
Hes might to save. Hes comfort-Hes protection. - Hes Bigger. Hes better. His images are beautiful.
random people that He puts together always works. I love that about HIM. meeting new people is refreshing. He protects my heart. my emotions. Hes gentle. He uses HIs children. He gives rest. He gives strength. He gives joy. He is rest. He is strength. He is JOY.

Mexico was on my mind all week as well. oh to be in 2 places at the same time.
Father, I love YOUR creation.


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