Wednesday, February 6, 2013


tonight as we (me,tachi,darline,jayjay,robertline,sharron,wadley,wilta and megan) worship. wadley plays the guitar, im on the floor, megan's lying on the bench, and everyone else is sitting around the big table. we sing. we worship. we are all in our dirty clothes from the day. we are all tired. we sing. we worhsip. we sing in english. some know the words, some don't. we sing. we worship. the generator is running and its loud. we sing loud. we worship loud. 

this is one of my favorite times. we often do this and i love it. i love it bc i miss corporate worship. i love it because its real and needed. i love it bc God loves it. i love it bc we sing. we worship.

it does not have to be in a fancy building.
in nice clothes. 
it doesn't have to be with people that speak your language.
it doesn't need to be quiet.
it doesn't need to be only on sundays or church days. 
it doesn't have to be fancy.
( i kinda feel like dr. suess now..) 

its simple. 
its raw.
its random (well, not random to God)
its beautiful.
its real. 
its free.
its freedom.

thankful for my family here.
thankful from the bottom of my heart.


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so. im simple. its not about me, all the time i find that when i get in the way of what the Lord is trying to do...things get messed up. i try to love on others. i have great friends that i am very proud of and my family is the iron that sharpens me.