Monday, November 24, 2008


on saturday, after work, i packed my clothes and Addie and I took off to Clinton.
On the way we stopped at the New and improved Stage in Zachary and then to Rue 21. Well, addie was really not dressed at all. She dressed herself that morning. She had on a navy blue collared shirt, tight pajama pants with white knee high socks and her tennis shoes. on top of all this she had on her "fancy nancy" black,white and pick pea coat. Ohh.. and her hair still looked like a rats nest. Needless to say, she looked alittle homeless..
Do you think she cared or I?? HECK NO... plus it was Saturday and who cares on Saturday..Right?? i thought she looked darling. and she DID!!! plus.. IT DON'T EVEN MATTER!
while driving to Clinton on Plank Rd.. i spotted a small black puppy. i couldn't help myself but to turn around to go back and see it. well. of course it ended up in the car with us. poor little thing.. full of ticks and fleas. i'm thinking someone dropped her off. once i got to the Dart house.. they took over. We bathe the poor thing about 3 times, getting all the ticks and fleas off of her. Evie,Bella,Addie and even Little Josie loved her. they packed her around like a baby doll and she didn't mind one bit. it really was so sweet how Evie all of a sudden went into "Momma mode" and was taken great care of the dog. how sweet Bella was making sure that everyone had a fair share of holding her and playing with her. Addie just kept saying.. ok little hoochie,moochie,poochie,puddah,podduah-we rescued you and we are your family now.. SO SWEET! Josie just could not get enough, her little hands justa' gettin' it...

so, I guess i have a Dog now. which is pretty cool! my dad is already starting to love her and every once in awhile i see momma reach over and get alittle love.

on the name.. Well, when i was like in middle school our family had a dog named Hooch. the minute my sister saw her she said,"hey, she looks like Hooch".. call her HOOCHIE.. i started to think about it and realized that, thats the perfect name... After all, i did find her on Plank. hahaha!
stay tuned for pictures...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

this IS my sisters daughter....

and yeah. thats mawee, telling addie to say all of these things...

she had me and mom rolling laughing.

I SWONEY.. this kid is so so funny!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


even 7 month olds eat pizza!!!! and she loves it!!!!!!!!!!! PIZZA,PIZZA!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

things seem unfair.
when you really believe in something.
it gets lost. really lost.
you really can't explain it. nobody else really understands.
i think its going to be ok.
actually, i know it will.
because, i have Jesus.
HE knows. HE understands. HE makes things clear.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

girls HOPE

i have been wanting to write about my dear friend shannon... so i am finally going to do it
SO............................................................... Shannon Meyers
i just want to say how proud i am of her. shannon is working with GIRLS HOPE. i really didn't know much about the program until shan started working there. Girls Hope is a program where girls that do really well in school and have huge dreams but, in the home life there is not much opportunity... SO, these girls can live at the Girls Hope house and pursue their education and have a better future. so, my dear friend Shannon is living at this home and sharing her life with these amazing girls. i think she has committed to one year. Shannon loves the girls so much and does an amazing job with them. she pretty much works as a mom and does a pretty dang good job at it!!! Girls Hope is a Christian organization so, a requirement is that the girls have to go to church. So, sometimes when the girls do not go to their home church , they come to the ring...... this always makes my Sunday.. when all the girls are there!!! i just love it!!!!
so, heres to Shannon, who is making a huge difference in the lives of these amazing girls!!!
i am also so excited because: i have another friend who has an interview with the BOYS HOPE PROGRAM today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

happy birthday hunter!! 13..
i can't believe he is already 13.
i was 13 when the little darlin' was born... and i always tell him that , that was the end of my teenage years. (lol)
now, hes 13 and hes the coolest kid!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


tonight was good. mom and dad loved every second of it.
mom kept saying,"this is the best birthday ever!"
happy 54th and 36 years of marriage!! God Bless and many more to come!!!
i love my family and i am so thankful for them!! we are just blessed!

happy birthday and anniversary

today is moms birthday and her anniversary.
yes.. mom and dad got married her 18th birthday.
tonight we are having a little surprise dinner for them. they have no clue.
im excited!! ill show pictures later.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

now introducing LITTLE UGLY BETTY (josephine)

the darlingest fairies of all

the Dart FAIRIES.... more like: thrown together old dance costumes, tights,converse,big flower bows, sweet wings, lots of colorful make-up = the cutest things you have ever seen!!
My sister is amazing!!! What a cool MOM!!!


i had such a good time being UGLY BETTY. most everyone knew exactly who i was!!
it was such an easy thing to put together considering most of my way of dressing is similar to betty de feo!!
jessi=Ugly Betty
i saw a million Micheal Phelps.. a few Sarah Palins and lots of girls wearing things that they probably should have not been wearing (if you know what i mean)


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