Monday, November 24, 2008


on saturday, after work, i packed my clothes and Addie and I took off to Clinton.
On the way we stopped at the New and improved Stage in Zachary and then to Rue 21. Well, addie was really not dressed at all. She dressed herself that morning. She had on a navy blue collared shirt, tight pajama pants with white knee high socks and her tennis shoes. on top of all this she had on her "fancy nancy" black,white and pick pea coat. Ohh.. and her hair still looked like a rats nest. Needless to say, she looked alittle homeless..
Do you think she cared or I?? HECK NO... plus it was Saturday and who cares on Saturday..Right?? i thought she looked darling. and she DID!!! plus.. IT DON'T EVEN MATTER!
while driving to Clinton on Plank Rd.. i spotted a small black puppy. i couldn't help myself but to turn around to go back and see it. well. of course it ended up in the car with us. poor little thing.. full of ticks and fleas. i'm thinking someone dropped her off. once i got to the Dart house.. they took over. We bathe the poor thing about 3 times, getting all the ticks and fleas off of her. Evie,Bella,Addie and even Little Josie loved her. they packed her around like a baby doll and she didn't mind one bit. it really was so sweet how Evie all of a sudden went into "Momma mode" and was taken great care of the dog. how sweet Bella was making sure that everyone had a fair share of holding her and playing with her. Addie just kept saying.. ok little hoochie,moochie,poochie,puddah,podduah-we rescued you and we are your family now.. SO SWEET! Josie just could not get enough, her little hands justa' gettin' it...

so, I guess i have a Dog now. which is pretty cool! my dad is already starting to love her and every once in awhile i see momma reach over and get alittle love.

on the name.. Well, when i was like in middle school our family had a dog named Hooch. the minute my sister saw her she said,"hey, she looks like Hooch".. call her HOOCHIE.. i started to think about it and realized that, thats the perfect name... After all, i did find her on Plank. hahaha!
stay tuned for pictures...

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