Monday, November 3, 2008


tonight was good. mom and dad loved every second of it.
mom kept saying,"this is the best birthday ever!"
happy 54th and 36 years of marriage!! God Bless and many more to come!!!
i love my family and i am so thankful for them!! we are just blessed!


Sherri said...

That was such a great idea that y'all had! Your mom was so excited about it when she told me about her party. You do have a very special family ! I bet that was a very nice time for all of you !
Sherri D.

pepper said...

jess, thank you so much for my very best,very special bd party,, it was the best,, just like you are,, the best daughter in the world,, i love you so much,, and am sooooooooo very proud of you,,,, mom


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so. im simple. its not about me, all the time i find that when i get in the way of what the Lord is trying to do...things get messed up. i try to love on others. i have great friends that i am very proud of and my family is the iron that sharpens me.