Wednesday, October 15, 2008


the weekend was FULL!

ruben surprised me with a visit! we had a really good weekend together.
he got here friday night late .. so saturday we rested, ate at Magnolia Cafe and walked around St.Francisville. saturday night we went to my Mawmaws 86th birthday party! there he met the whole family, which can be really intiminating, but Ruben did really really good....he loved mawmaw.. but who couldn't. she is the best woman in the world! i like to call her my best friend.
i think ruben felt alot better whenever we went to my sisters house. addie,evie and bella ran out the door yelling rubens name in their sweet little voices. the best part is that they have never even met ruben but know him oh so well from computer and over the phone conversations. this made rubens heart melt, knowing that he was loved!!
i am so thankful that he was able to come ....
here are some pics to show of our good time together..

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