Thursday, October 30, 2008

eye brows

so.. my mom does not have thick eyebrows... anyway, today i was teaching her how to darken her brows just enough to make them noticeable. well.. ...

LITTLE MISS "NOTICE EVERYTHING" .. saw mawee this evening. mom said she was minding her own business and ADDIE came to her and said, "Mawee, you have mean eyebrows".. (mom not knowing exactly what addie just had said) asked her ,"what did you say addie?".. and as clear as day ADDIE looked at mom and said, "MAWEE, you have MEAN eyebrows!!"... and just walked off. not another word about. Mom was laughing so hard she could hardly breathe. I mean how does a 3 year old notice eyebrows that were darkened just a tad bit???

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Hearts of Dart said...

Omg!! I am rotf laughing right now!! hahahah!!! ONLY ADELEINE!!!


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