Sunday, October 19, 2008

halloween birthday bash

saturday night was cami,ali and hunters birthday party. it was their first "boy-girl" dance party. well.. if that is what you want to call it.. BUT i would call it a "text all night on the blackberry and apple phones (yes, these kids are only 11,12 and 13) to the person that is standing next to you..lets keep running back and forth to the bathroom..lets break the glow sticks and put the liquid on our bodies..lets call it a dance party but, only really dance to the line dances..lets throw balloons at each other,,allll nightt.." wow, what a night!! but then again,they are only 11-13....
Everyone had a really good time and thats all that matters!! i figured out that this age group is kinda like in their own little world. i was amused just by watching them! it was FUN!!
my camera batteries ran out so i could not take alot of pictures... but i think i will be ok, because there were plenty of other cameras there and im sure they are going to be posted on every 11-13 year old myspace page that was at the party!!!

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