Wednesday, October 8, 2008

million dollar BIKES!!

my mom "the yard sale queen" bought 2 bikes. the purple one for $3 and the pink one for, i think $4. and how awesome bc pink and purple just happen to be evie and bellas favorite colors... the boyish black one came from our neighbors dump. i added the sparkle tags to the handle bars to make it look more girly.. addie just thinks.. it is the best thing ever!
anyway.. the girls love them. as you can see, they are learning to ride without training wheels. we had a blast watching them today. a few fall downs and scraped knees but everyone is alll -goodd!!! addie already wants to take her training wheels off.. but, shes not there yet..
mom loved cheering them on.. but i think she was most proud of her awesome deals!!!
how someone elses junk has become our darling little girls prizes..
evie, bella, and addie are learning to love other peoples junk!!

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lana said...

they are so fancy!!!!


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