Friday, March 13, 2009

one of the best.

my mardi gras break was spent in Galilea with some of the most amazing people on Earth.

the Stagg Family. Jenn, Rich and their 3 boys , Amber,Becca, and Jamie. we had an AWESOME trip.
first off, words really can't explain Galilea and the love that i have for this place and how i feel when people fall in love with this place like i do. it just does something. it connects. theres a bond like no other. we were only there for 2 full days and the things that got done and the way there were done was pretty much unbelievable. this group rocked. every thing was done without complaining. it was just Good. the kids were soooo impressive. to see them interact with the NINOS totally blew my mind. there was no 2nd guessing. they stepped in and it was comfortable. the hugs and smiles that were shared between them were really sweet. almost like the NINOS had instant trust and felt like thats these kids are my friends and we will be friends for a long time. i loved just sitting back to watch this. It made my heart smile!!

thanks to this group for all that they did. for being so sweet. for stepping in and getting the job done. for trusting in me..even when things didn't make sense. for loving Galilea and wanting to continue to go back. for loving on kids that have had it hard. but, mostly for loving them with eternal love that only comes fromt he Father. HE ROCKS!!

thanks to the people who donated without you and your willingness to support most of the projects would not be possible.
here are a few words that i think about when i think about this trip:
humility. tuff. non-stop. service. bonding. long-term. able. a want. friendship. helpful. impressive. trust. prayerful. believing. being obeident. a lotta LOVE.

i am so thankful. i feel like this is a vision and a prayer that is coming to. the Lord knows exactly what He is doing. im trusting in HIM. HE has amazed me. im humbled.

Lord, thank you. thank you for being the KING.

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Amanda said...

Glad you posted pics I havent seen some of these kids in almost 2 years. I cant wait for Alana to get to play with them. Shes gonna love that there are so many kids there all the time.


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