Thursday, March 26, 2009


im so excited my playlist. now it will be more fun to follow with music!!
all these songs are special in some way.

anyway, AMPARO is here! everyone is so excited to have her here. she is staying with jamie and i and shes excited because she has her own space.
she will hopefully be here for the next 6 months. while she is here she wants to try to get a work visa so that she can start working here under her degree. she would love to teach so we will be going to differnt schools to see what can be done! Lord willing, everything will work out!!

Things with my family has been really good! my uncle received great news. the cancer is not in the brain!! he will start chemo and radiation soon. Thank you Father!!! my aunt is here from Cali and its been fun for my mom and other aunt. just like kids again!! the LORD is taking care of my family through HIS mighty comfort.

i would like everyone to be in prayer for mexico. as you know from the news..there is alot of bad things happening there. please pray that these "bad" people would see the Lord and be convicted of the wrong doings. pray that the christians would not back down and stand tall during this battle. THE LORD shall overcome..He will overcome and His promise will be shown!!!

have a great weekend.. and remember that the Lord is in control.
Be Blessed!

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