Thursday, January 24, 2013

take BACK

With the wind at our backs
And in the strength of the Lord
We will rise on the wings of the dawn

We're going to take back all the enemy has stolen

It's in the blood of the one who's worthy
I know that God has not forgotten
All that's lost and broken

Come and see the turning of the tide
Come and see the sons and daughters rise
For how could he who did not spare his own son
Not freely give us victory
Against the darkest of nights

It's in the blood of the one who's worthy
It's in the blood of the one who's worthy
You're worthy. You're worthy

these lyrics (by: will reagan) have been screaming in my mind for the past couple days. i have even yelled them out loud. somedays can be overwhelming. somedays, it can hit you all at once. this world is full of lies, full of name it. the truth of this song is so clear. it reminds me that still in all the worldly ways, CHRIST still REIGNS, He is covering us! There is still joy. there is still peace. there is still love and HE will RETURN!  thats where my hope is. i want to walk towards eternity with love by my side. no matter what, no matter how hard it is or how overwhelming it can be, LOVE WILL WIN.  i went to bed last night a little weary and woke up with encouragement in my heart. i am encouraged to know that Christ gives me strength and HE has given me the power to take back what satan tries/tried to steal from me. 
so, today, i encourage you to do that also.

RISE UP. take it back. 

if the enemy has stolen...
your joy
your peace
your happiness
your relationships
your mind
your vision
your dream
your health
your confidence
your identity
your worth
your love for others
your compassion
... i could continue.

TAKE IT BACK. rise up. we have the power. 
satan wants us to be destroyed. he wants our relationships to be destroyed bc hes afraid of how people can further the KINGDOM of CHRIST! he wants us to be joyless. mindless. visionless... add an "un" or "less" to the list above.
hes afraid. plain and simple. 

DO NOT LET him even go there. he has no business. none at all. do not let it dwell, thats exactly what he wants. 
gosh dern it, TAKE IT BACK. its yours. allow Christ to win what He already has WON! 

PLUNDER the gates of hell. 
now, GO take it back!

today i will chose JOY. 
Christ in me will overcome. 

no place i would rather be, than HERE in Your LOVE

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