Saturday, January 26, 2013


ya'll, my sister is coming!!!

MY SISTER. MY HERO. i can't even begin to tell you how my heart is about to leap out of my chest. when we started to talk about her coming, i wasn't sure if she REALLY could, i knew that she wanted to so badly but, i wasn't sure on how she felt about leaving her kiddos at home. well, we have awesome parents, so dads going to take some vacation and mom and dad will keep the dart kids so that so she can come. i can't wait to serve with her. i can't wait to see her here. i can't wait to see her use her nursing skills here. i can't wait for her heart to fall in love.  Kelli says that she is already so in love with faces here and just can't wait to get her hands on them!!! my sister has taught me so much about love and i can't wait to see her share her love here in Gressier!!!  MY SISTER IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  thankful.

so, with my sister comes DAVID. oh, for those that know David. his goofiness will bring so much joy!!! i can't wait to see how high he can throw some of our kids up to the sky!!! i really can't wait to see what the Lord shows kelli and david and teaches both of them while they are here. Gressier is ready for the GOOFINESS!!

more news.... 

my cousin amber and her sister-in-law Brittney are coming that week as well!!!! amber being a teacher, plans are spending her time here at the school. i can't wait to see her in the classroom! she is an excellent teacher and i know that the Lord will use her to be a great encourager to the teachers at Respire Haiti Christian School.  Brittney is a nurse and plans on using her skills. you never know what will happen that week. she may be surprised! the cool thing about Brittney coming is that she decided to come about 2 weeks ago. she really felt like she was supposed to come and begin to pray about it.. she called kelli one night bc she couldn't hold it in any longer and was able to get on their same flight!!! i love how the Lord works everything out!! Hes so cool! i can't wait to see brittney and amber serve together as family.

 well, all of us as family, serve together!!!! family serving together!! wow. so thankful! 

and now, i present to you news that i am thrilled about.. and news that is a little bittersweet.

the thrilling news is that BEN MORRIS, my man, is coming. he will arrive on feb. 11 (2 days after my family) ... i can't hardly wait to wrap my arms around him. Ben, with his darling heart, is going to serve so well here. there are times when i see things that need to be fixed and i think right away,"ben could fix that. ben could do that. ben could drive that. ben could build that. ben could .... the list goes on." needless to say ben morris is thought about often here. i can't wait to serve alongside him. the Lord has definitely used this time apart to grow us, to show us how big HE is, to show us freedom in a relationship and to teach us a TON. ben is coming and im sooooo happy. i can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us that week! i just know that the Lord will use that week to show us more than we ever could imagine. im praying for huge things to happen!

the bittersweet part is that..... when Ben leaves on the 18th, i will be with him. so i will spend my last week, of the 5 months here, with Ben then we will travel back together. this is bittersweet. on that day, i will be sad. so sad. dang, im going to be sad. thinking about it now brings tears. i have already warned Ben that he better be ready for lots of tears. it will be sad to leave my family,the people who have loved my guts out and theirs in return for the past 5 months. they will be hard to leave. the people who have taught me so much about life, they will be hard to leave.  Leaving here with Ben will make things better... knowing that He will be my side brings joy. im soo thankful.

so yeah, FEB 18. ill be home. a trip back in June is already in plan. of course i can't stay away to long. 
being back at home... well, im asking the LORD to prepare my heart for my homecoming. im ready to be with my family, my friends and my church family. 

God is so good. 
He knows exactly what i need.
Hes so Good. 

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