Friday, January 11, 2013

nap time thoughts.

W and W are down for their nap and my mind is going 100 mph.

-some days are harder than others.
-my heart is being protected and i can feel it.
-some days there is time for rest, others not at all.
-evil is real and i see it everyday. we are in a battle and we have to fight.
-i can't do this alone.
-we need each other.
-im thankful for the RH team.
-i serve alongside some amazing people.
-i leave in 5 weeks, its not going to be easy.
-God is way bigger than any of my thoughts.
-I've witnessed Jesus in huge ways.
-respire haiti is so dear to my heart.
-its winter here and its 90 something degrees.
-hopefully, we will go to the beach soon.
-meg and josh get married 11 days. yeah!
-their parents will be here next week. some have never been before.
-i can't wait to see Mrs. Pat (megs mom) when she sees the girls for the 1st time in person!
-i found out today that All Sons & Daughters are in Haiti visiting Hands and Feet orphanage, i should go stalk them.
-we have a turkey. yes a turkey in our backyard. (its the landlords, that lives upstairs)
-i eat eggs a lot.
-i have learned to be really creative with food.
-i think we may go to the beach soon and im happy.
-the 3rd year anniversary of the earthquake is sunday. i hate that this day will bring back bad memories but i love that people will also be reminded of Gods faithfulness.
-thinking of Madame Carol and the loss of her son brings me to tears. please continue to pray for her.
-outside my window is a family living in a tent. i hear them laughing and singing all the time.
-the Lord will break you of so much here and i want to be open to whatever it is. break me.
-when i think about ben and him being here in 30 days it makes me really happy. i can't wait to see him serve here. i can't wait to serve alongside him. im praying for his heart to be prepared.
-there was a rat in my room last night and i didn't scream to the top of my lungs. he left without me having to act like a fool and he better not come back or he's dead news.
-a picture of Genevieve is on my shelf, that i have to say i made myself out of recycled wood, and im thinking about the day when i will get to hug her soon. soon and very soon.
-im so thankful for family and friends who have supported me financially and through prayer while i have been here. i've been completely blown away. you guys sharpen me.

im tired and need to nap myself.
as i read back over this list i realize how ADD i am. goodness.

love and more love.

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Lorien said...

i love this so much. *legwraphug*


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