Wednesday, January 9, 2013

hes more than ok

today was tough.
full of tears.
confused students.
excellent student.
1st in his class.
soccer star on RH team.
a room full of 6th graders and the teacher grieving together.
house full of family and friends gathering around Madame Carol (mom)  to love and show support.
older brother still in shock.
Mom crying out.
Flag raised halfway in honor and memory of him.
school cancelled in honor and memory of him.
a day of remembering.
a day of sadness.
today was tough.
Jesus is near.
Hes near to those who cry out.
Hes near.
today Lenz went to be with Jesus.
today he is more than ok.

                                Lenz (in light blue shirt) and his buddies on the 1st day of school read Megans BLOG here. its a must. God is ALL COMFORT.

today we loved extra today.
today we rested in the truth that God Comforts.
rest in that.

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