Wednesday, January 9, 2013

bullet point blog

so, this will be a bullet point blog again.

  • my friends came and it was an awesome week. megan and josh even claimed them as the funniest group they have ever had! we laughed so much until our bellies hurt.  Toni rapped a lot. Jonathan and Wadley are now bff.  Kameryn was stretched as a nurse and didn't mind one bit. Jamie organized the heck out of the whole house. Angelle was so fun and sanded walls down like she had done it 10000 times before.  Mr. David became a carpenter right away and did a fine job! everyone loved on W and W, the girls and the kids in the neighborhood. they were amazing and i am so blessed to call them my dear friends. 

  • Mr. Don Burzynski from Florida was here doing a seminar for the RH team. all i can say was that we were all completely blown away by his way of teaching. wow. i learned so much in these 4 days. so thankful that i got to be apart of this seminar. im really hoping to get him to come to La. soon!!  google him. you will not be sorry.  click to read his blog. everyone should read his blog. just saying. you can go to his website from his blog.
  •  New Years Eve was pretty laid back. we ordered pizza, drank haitian beer and sat around the big table.  we had such a fun night! we laughed soooo much!
  •  a team of doctors and hard workers have been here and WOW! what i have seen this week serving along them has completely blown my mind. holy moly crazy stuff.  evil infections. evil sicknesses. stuff that was not meant for people. stuff that was intended for us. but, bc of the fall we have to live with sickness and disease and cancer and yuck. yuck. yuck.  its crazy how much confidence you can have in such strange situations. confidence that only comes from the Lord (blog about this soon)
  • the class rooms of the secondary NEW building were sanded,  painted and white boards were hung. the team worked so hard to get the classrooms done before Monday. 
  • school has started and its GREAT! seeing the 7-9 graders walk from the church, where school has been for them, UP the mountain into their NEW classrooms was just the BEST! im so thankful i got to be here for this!!!  
  • Sharon Zuercher arrived and will be here for 4 months. super sweet from Missouri. shes my new roomie. she plans to love a lot!!
  • Mark Langham arrived also and will be here for a month. He is building the bathroom on the mountain.. YES!! 
  • Rita (Grita) is here!! she will be here for a few weeks! sooooooooo happy. i love her.
  • W and W (the Wonder boys) are still here and i say that with SO MUCH JOY. what these boys have taught me in 2 weeks will last a lifetime. i feel like i will carry these days with me for the rest of my life.  everyday, every minute, every second, everything. thankful. heart is full. 
  • oh yeah, remember that mountain and what a struggle it was for me in an earlier blog? well, i can finally walk it without feeling like im going to die. whooo hoooo!!! boooo yaaaaa!!!!  every time i reach the top and want to do the Rocky "dance"!!  
  • a team is here from new york, doing a photography workshop with some of the students at school. on Saturday they will have a display of all the photos that the students took. im so excited to see these photos!! 

  • everyday is a different day here.  nothing ever looks the same. everyday i have to wake up, with my heart set on Jesus. Everyday.
  • i am learning a new way of compassion. i feel like i have been getting in the way of this. Jesus is teaching me new compassion. something different than what i have been used to. its encouraging. 
  • ive been listening to Will Reagan and United Pursuit. wowzers. powerful lyrics. much needed for my heart. 
  • my sister, david, amber, and ben get here in about a month. i can't even begin to explain how my heart feels. this also means that i 
  • will be going home soon. woah. deep breathe. (this is going to require another post)
  • im crying now, just thinking about the last couple months. goodness. what an honor to serve. what an honor. what an honor to live here and live life with my Haitian family. what an honor is is to call them family. 

im thankful. 
extremely blessed.
extremely thankful.

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