Wednesday, October 17, 2012

new attire.

sweet friends and family that have supported me financially:

because of you the ladies that work here at the Respire haiti house, sir rose, sir vales, sir fifi,  darlene, tachi and one brave guy jacky have new shoes, sandles, uniform shirts and bottoms. everyday, they come to work and work hard. they only have a few outfits and they wear those outfits to work with the chance of getting them messed-up by cleaning supplies.  after being here for the 2 weeks, we decided on getting them a work uniform.  something that they can wear everyday so that they are no longer getting their everyday clothes messed-up. in all reality they only have a few clothes.

when i was in the states i only had a couple of hours to search out and find the perfect outfit for each one of these darling people. i didn't want to give up until all the outfits were found.  im so thankful bc the Lord provided in every way. i didn't have to search hard. walked in the store and everything was there!!

i could not wait to give them their "uniform".
oh the smiles on their faces when i gave them their surprises.  they all went to the back, changed into the new attire and "modeled" back into the living room where we were. they were so proud and so thankful.  they immediately thanked God first. they knew that this was a gift from HIM. im thankful that i got to share this with them. i thankful that you get to share this with me and them. im thankful that you and i were both were used in this.

the ladies were so proud. they pranced around in their new skirts, tops and shoes like they had just won a million dollars. something so simple as a new scrub top, an old navy skirt, converse from target, non-name brand crocs .. all purchased at dirt cheap. woah. makes me wonder. makes me think.

all the "new" we get. all the new we "have to have". all the new we expect. all the new we whine about. all the new thats instant. all the new we take for granted. i could go on forever, but i think you get the point.

lets start living with grateful hearts. 
share life. 
share your $.
share your hearts.
share your families.
share and join Jesus in what He is doing in other people. 

we are all in this life together. we need each other.
we are not to do this alone.

"1st, im going to wear my outfit to church on Sunday, then i'm going to start wearing it to work"- sir fifi. 

pics to follow.


margieh said...

Jessi- you humble me... Through your words, through your actions, and through your grace! I know I've only met you once for a short weekend but I am so glad I know you. It is amazing to see GODs work happening through you. Can't wait to see you again, give you a hug, and say thank you. Thank you for doing the things many of us are scared to do, things God calls us to do but many of us say, who me? I can't make a difference? And yet here YOU are making a difference! Many prayers go out to you and all the people you are touching daily.

Ashley Hawthorne said...

So beautiful, Jessi. I'm so glad you are blogging! You are loved so much by the Hawthornes!


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