Sunday, October 21, 2012


this week i have been taking pictures of every student at Respire Haiti Christian School. 
the point of the pictures is to get every student at RHCS sponsored.  Megan and Josh are leaving Tuesday for Louisiana, Colorado and Tennessee. as of right now, out of the 530+ students, less than 1/2 of these students are not sponsored. we are believing that during this trip to the states and the people that are going to be hearing Megans story about what the Lord is doing through Respire Haiti...that every student that needs to be sponsored will BE! please believe this with me. join me in prayer for this trip.

 i know i have blogged about this before, but being able to see every student as i took their picture, as they held up their name and their grade...... woah.  it was overwheming. it was beautiful.
some of the pictures i took i had to keep the camera behind my eye a little bit longer bc i didn't want the student to see the tears.  even as i have had to upload these pictures, i am able to see them, see their name, what grade they are in and PRAY over them as i upload the pictures.
now, when i go to the school i can see them, know their name and do my best to love on them and encourage them.
i feel extremely blessed to be able to see these kids. to love on them. care for them. im so thankful to be apart of this.

Would you like to sponsor a Student?  for $250/ year, it covers uniforms. breakfast. books. and fees.
go to to do so.

school is a place of refuge for alot of these student.
school is a place where they are getting encouraged.
school is a safe place.
school is a place where they are surrounded by people who love Jesus.
cared for.
build friendships.
build identity.
build self confidence.

the list goes on.

BE APART OF IT.  you will be blessed because of it. 

this is Saintil. he and his sister came to the house a few days before school started. this little guy was so excited about starting school but, he didn't have any decent clothes to wear. we dug around and found him pants and a pair of shoes. he was so proud and has been everyday when i have seen him at school. he runs up to me and gives me a bear hug. he wears the pants we gave him to school everyday. he is so thankful to be there. he is learning and is happy to do so. he is Saintil. he's just an example of the many.

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