Tuesday, October 16, 2012

my 4 days home.

let me just tell you about my 4 days home.

beautiful. just beautiful.

i landed in new orleans at around 11:00 Wednesday night to sweet Ben Morris waiting patiently for me. i was about an hour late. once in Zachary, we went to walmart for streamers and balloons to decorate the arch way at my parents for Cami and Ali's sweet 16. even though it was 1am, ben was such a trooper to tag along to surprise them.

morning, i woke up early to see Cami and Ali. at first they were confused on who decorated, it was fun to see them!  i wanted to go back to bed but didn't bc my to-do list was way long. a bunch of cousins were in town for the same reason as me (for our Queens 90th bday) so, Tanner came over early to tag alone with me. we went to the goodwill to find scrubs for the ladies & jacky (the working crew and the Respire house)  and it was a success. then headed over to dirt cheap to find more scrubs, skirts and shoes for them. double success!
after this.. i went to avery lane (newly owned by bffe katie amorello) and was used as a model for a simple color and a quick trim. it was nice to sit and relax for a bit and for this i am thankful!!! im so happy for kaite and joe and this step they have made in purchasing avery lane as a business.
left avery lane feeling pampered and girly.  then, went to Vertu (owned by cristen willcut, in her new location) and bought cami and ali their birthday surprise (sale rack, of course!)
THEN-----we (c&a, tanner, and kelli) got ready for the NEEDTOBREATHE concert.  before the show we went to Zoe's kitchen for a benefit for Bonniekate and even made the news. http://www.nbc33tv.com/news/your-stories/community-continues-to-ra  oh goodness!  anything for BK. she is so loved!!!
the NEEDTOBREATHE show was amazing. we had such a fun time!! so, we started off in the back, bc those are the seats we were assigned to but, our sweet friends addie adair and justie bought their tickets 30 min bf the show and got front & center seats. what? how did that happen? well, apparently they added some seating at the last minute and they did not sell them all sooooo.. what did we do? we march ourselves up to the front and got to sit on the 2nd row!!!!  we did some dancing, got some good photos and laughed alot!!! i think the funnest part for me and the girls was to see my sister having a ball!!  im so thankful that we got to share this time together! we sang our hearts out!! happy sweet 16 cami and ali!! 
i even got to see some awesome people at the concert! Rebecca Blair being one of them! im so thankful that she has been in my life for the past 8 years or so. i love her heart!!! she is so special to me. 


woke up early again and ran more errands. 
at noon i went to slaughter (a town near my home town) and met some cousins and my aunts.  my sister was taking Tanner's (cousin from Cali) senior pics at some old buildings in slaughter. these buildings are special to my family bc my aunts and uncles used to walk the streets of this town and were always in and out of these buildings.  took pictures here and my aunts and 90 year old grandmother reminisced. it was a special time. 

after this... i visited with my cousins and my momma. we laughed alot! always laughter at the white house.  at 3:ish i headed to st. francisville to JBRC at get Colby (bens darling son) off the bus. i was holding back the tears as he couldn't get off the bus fast enough to come and bear hug me. what a special boy he is!! we packed his weekend bag and headed to baton rouge to meet his daddy. ben had drill all weekend ..blah blah..  we went to the mall for dinner, walked around then... went to menchies for dessert. such a fun evening. we had such a good time.  the mall was our chosen gathering bc we had to meet in the middle .. we both probably would have not picked it first but, it worked and honestly it didn't matter where we met, we enjoyed each others company! 

i spent the evening with all my cousins at our cousin hangout. we laughed and cried all night. we hung out at my grandmothers old house where my cousins live now and we reminisced all night. lots of tears (happy & sad) were shed. i can't even begin to tell you how much i love my family!!!! 

started the morning off to getting Colby ready for Evie and Bella's soccer game. he was so excited to go and support them.. i was too! this was my first game and let me just tell you, they are GREAT! huge improvement from last year. it was awesome to see them play so hard in the HOT sun! i was a very proud aunt! i was "coaching" from the sidelines and Bella scored the only goal.. we went crazy!! 
at 1:00 we went to church to set up for the party. we used quotes about growing old and actual quotes from our Grandmother as part of the decor. we also used her ceramic birds (she collects them). and lots of flowers!! it was all sooo darling. we wanted to reflect her personality and i think we nailed it. 
@ 4 the party started. many, many, many people stopped by to show their love for our Queens 90th Birthday. we ate, ate more and had delicious cake and of course took tons and tons of pictures. we laughed alot and even cried some. we are extremely blessed to have her and we are extremely thankful to have the same blood flow. i could go on and on about her. She has our hearts. she is our glue. she is beautiful. she is 90!!!!!!!!!! 
after the party. most of the family came over to moms to watch the LSU game and loved on Mawmaw some more.  it was a late night. it was a beautiful night!!! 


we rested.
Colby and i went on a date while ben had to report to drill. 
a walmart trip and a visit to the nursing home to visit sweet Granny Grace was most of the day and evening. 
finished the night with a date with Ben to sammys and a motorcycle ride on his harley. so much fun! 
last minute packing and we left for NOLA airport at 3:30am. checked in, said our goodbyes with some tears and i was sent off with some encouragement and support. hes an awesome dude. 

to my family :  you guys are sooooooo freaking loved. goodness! 
so thankful that i got to share this weekend with you all. ok, need to stop. im getting all emotional just thinking about you all. thankful that you all love and support me. 

back in Gressier and heart is happy. 
excited to be back. i know its where im supposed to be at this time. 
im thankful to share this. im thankful to join RH. im thankful for the people who share this with me. 

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