Friday, October 5, 2012

1st week of school.

Monday was the 1st day of school.
all day Sunday we stayed on the mountain getting things prepared for Respire Haiti Christian School. it was a long day! some of the teachers came to prepare their rooms and it was so encouraging to see them so excited, as they hung up "diy" paper crafts.

monday comes (ready or not). school starts at 8. so we strut up the mountain early to try to get there before some of the students. we met up with some students on the uphill and all walked together. some of us were hand in hand. some in uniforms. some not.
its a government requirement here for all students to be in uniform. with belt. with black dress shoes. this is the part that keeps a lot of students from not going to school at all. ever.  i have seen it this week, as the 1st week of school. a lot of the students did not come to school because they did not have the "proper" attire. sad.
even though megan made it clear to come in "civil" clothes the 1st week, a lot of them did not come. RHCS really needed them to be there bc Tuesday, we handed out uniform shirts (provided by RHCS sponsors) and Wednesday everyone got a new booksack (provided by RHCS sponsors). RHCS wants the students to know that school is very important no matter the attire. no matter what you have or don't have. to see the response on each students face as they received their booksacks & uniforms was a blessing to be apart of. i am so thankful that i got to share that with them.

this is why its so important to get every student a sponsor. for $250/year, your sponsored student gets shoes, a meal everyday, books for school, and a uniform. please consider to sponsor a student. go to to do so. thanks so much in advance. spending a couple days at the school this week has really opened my eyes to how important the sponsorship program is.
 I finally got to talk to my sweet momma after a week of being here and one of the 1st things she said is, "Jess, my pokino group is going to sponsor a student!!" she was soo excited!! mom is coming in november and she will be able to meet their sponsor student!! thats so fun!!

this week i also got the job as being somewhat of the "house manager" (whatever that means) haha.
i will pretty much tend to the ladies that work here at the house and make sure they are staying encouraged and lifted up. everyone needs that! im excited to do so. on Fridays, i will start a devotional with them and have prayer. the ladies are Sir (sister) Rose, Sir Valez, Sir Fifi, Darlene and Tashi and one guy Jackie (he tends to the yard and pretty much does whatever you ask of him).
im excited to share life with these hard working people with really sweet hearts. be in prayer for these people.

Monday makes 2 weeks here and its been just so wonderful.
im so thankful to be here and share life in Haiti.
so thankful.
thankful for the prayers.the support.the encouragement.

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