Tuesday, September 25, 2012


man, oh man. sitting & waiting for my 2:00 flight to PaP in the MIA airport.
woah. i am just so humbled by what has happened the last couple days.
i got to share about what the Lord is doing in Gressier through Respire Haiti. 
people prayed over me at Feliciana baptist church and the Ring Community Church. 
families and friends prayed over me. families supported me. friends supported me. people have loved on me.
i really can't believe that the Lord has allowed me to be apart of this. i have seen Him shine in so many ways. i have been used in ways that i never would have believed.
the Lord is BIGGER. way BIGGER. way, way BIGGER. His ways are HIGH.HIGH.HIGH.

benjamin and i left this morning at 3:30ish and his sweet self drove my tired self to Nola. oh, how i am so thankful for him.
(how we met and how things are going are for another blog.. but, for now i will keep you hanging....)

anyways, there were no tears at the airport. probably bc theres so much freedom there. protection there. encouragement there. support there. understanding there. There. he was there to send me off.
it was a sweet moment. Ben Morris has blown me away with his response to my move to Haiti. its been a little overwhelming but, so dang good. He "gets" my heart.

JESUS gets my heart bc He has made me. I fail Him over and over and He picks me right back up. the love, the encouragment i have felt over the last couple of days before heading out has been so evident of who He is and how He uses people to do so.

im not very good at explaining things but i hope that you can read my heart. im so overwhelmed with JOY. with THANKSGIVING.

i can't believe that i am about to board a plane to serve alongside RESPIRE HAITI.  www.respirehaiti.org

i serve a MIGHTY MIGHT GOD ya'll!!!
all the glory and honor to HIM.

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megan kelly said...

sweet jessi. you are loved dearly. this is post is my fav. for many reasons. praying for you dear friend.


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