Wednesday, September 26, 2012

meet Wadley.


today, Wadley and i walked to town to get an Internet card so that we can have it and share it for a month.

let me tell you about Wadley St. Hilaire
he lives here in the RH house and he serves/works alongside Respire Haiti.
goodness gracious.
this dude is just amazing.

his heart is so big. he has huge dreams to be a doctor. a doctor. hes determined.
Wadleys heart understands what it means to serve. he serves his communuty of Gressier. he serves his friends. he serves the children here in Gressier. he serves the team of RH. He SERVES. he knows and understands when he serves that he is serving the Lord 1st.

today Wadley served me as we walked to town, got a card for the internet, got a few cokes and then he helped me set it up. Wadley and i will be living in community together while i am here and i am ready to learn to serve whole heartedly (is that a word?)  from Wadley.

Wadley gets what it means to live as Christ would live.

just the other day Wadley notice someone in a school meeting that was being very judgemental toward another "dude". Wadley stepped in being very sensitive toward the judgemental man. the judgemental man was calling the "dude" out and being very loud about it. Wadley did not like the way the man was   handling the situation.  the judgemental man was pretty much calling the other "dude" out bc he was wearing a necklace, calling him selfish, and thinking he was trying to be all "swag".  Wadley gentle (but really wanting to punch the man.. he even said that if he didnt have Jesus he totally would have punched him)  tells the man, " Do you think that if Jesus was telling you how "bad" you are, do you think that you would have the strength to be a christian?" the man responded to Wadley, "why do you interupt this convo, you are only here for money, so stay out of my business."  (so now hes judging Wadley, and using bad words towards Wadley)... Wadley describes this man as, "he really didn't want to hear anything that I had to say. he was very closed minded."  the man was judging the "dude" and telling him that he can't be a Christian and wear a necklace and wear the clothes he had on...... totally not what the Lord sees.

then Wadley shares with this man, "man, you are human. you need love and affection. you should speak with love and not with so much doom and discouragement."

after several minutes, after very judgemental remarks....... this man, this man, this man,
comes over to Wadley, grabs Wadley's hand and brings him over to the "dude" and he then says, "this man is wiser than me because i can see my weakness through him."

in just a moments time, God changed this mans heart and used Wadley to do so. the Holy Spirit was really quick to change his heart and to see other wise. to see the way the Lord would see this "dude".  the "dude" talked to Wadley afterwards and shared his heart with Wadley and will soon graduate in theology. wow.

Wadley came home last night and shared this story to us. we were all so amazed by this. there is a lot of legalistic views here for some Christians. this was one situation that brought hope.  Wadley spoke with love and the Love of God was moved in this man.  we all were so encouraged by this because hopefully this will make a ripple effect. that man will go home to tell his family about his change of heart, how the Lord looks on the inside of our hearts and not the outside. that we as Christians do not live under law.

Wadley St.Hilaire everybody. a man with huge desires. a man that serves and a man with great compassion for people to know the Lord. 

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