Sunday, November 11, 2012

sweet baby.

tonight i got to go meet my sweet friend, Juliene's baby. heart was so full and so happy.

last week i gathered some stuff to "shower" Juliene with. at that point i wasn't sure what she was having so i put some boy/girl goodies in the cardboard box that i was collecting it in.

on Thursday evening Juliene had her baby so,when i got to school on Friday, Evette told me with much excitement that Juliene had a baby GIRL. all day friday at school i could not stop thinking about how excited and thankful Juilene must be. this was her 4th pregnancy.  Juliene told me this news a few weeks ago, she said that she has two babies in Heaven.  her 9 year old daughter is just like her, soft spoken and precious. i couldn't help to wonder how nervous Juliene must have been during her last weeks of pregnancy at 38 years old. but, Juliene knows that her baby belongs to the Lord.  last week during school, she had to sit a lot during her teaching. every time she would have a contraction or the baby would move, she would stop and ask the Lord to help her with the pain. she was so humble in her asking. the students were so patient with her. it was pretty awesome.

today before heading to her house, i gathered GIRL stuff and put it in the cardboard box. i filled it to the rim for her. me, megan, micha, jessica, josh, tachi, esther, janice and blondie all went to visit her. we drove up the mountain and parked to walk down a bit to her house. her 9 year old was sitting on the porch and greeted us. it was just beginning to get dark and the area that she lives in has no electricity. we walked into her dark house and opened the curtain to her bedroom. she greeted us with hugs and kisses. as we handed over the cardboard (nothing special. not wrapped and no fancy tissue paper. right now, im thinking about how sometimes we are so stressed out about the wrapping of a gift. when all that matters is whats inside. thats what matters) full of goodies she handed me her bundle of joy!!!

inside the bedroom was an oil lamp burning, a bed and a dresser. it first reminded me of my Grandmothers house. a sweet, simple little house. Juliene seemed so proud to welcome us. she was so happy to show off her little love.  i got to hold her 1st, and i had to hold back the tears. we were in the dark, we were sweating and you could see us gleaming from the reflection of the oil lamp fire. Juliene was still in some pain but, did not complain once. we prayed for her and thanked OUR LORD for the health of her baby girl. we thanked OUR LORD for life and for the miracle before our eyes. so thankful.

i learned alot from this tonight. alot. think about it. no lights. oil lamp. new born baby. house the size of your kitchen. yet, Juliene was so proud. she was so thankful.  i will do my best not to complain about anything and if i do, you can punch me. i will give thanks in all things.

please continue to pray for Juliene and her new baby girl.

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Rebecca said...

Congratulations to miss Juliene! Baby girl is beautiful :)


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