Tuesday, August 21, 2012

letter to my clients:

Dearest Client,

This is a letter that I have taken a long time to finally sit down and write. It’s
a hard one. You all know my heart best and know that I have been to Haiti to
serve alongside Respire Haiti for 3 of the 4 times I’ve traveled there. I have
fallen in love with the organization and with the people of the community we
serve. Gressier, Haiti is a beautiful place. The Lord is doing huge things in this
community and through Respire Haiti (a non-profit that my friend, Megan
Boudreaux, founded). It’s been such a beautiful thing to share.

I write this letter to inform you that on my last trip to Gressier, Megan asked me

to be apart of the RH Team. This was huge for me. I am completely honored and
humbled by this opportunity. I have been praying about this since I returned
and feel like this opportunity is something that I just can't pass up. I will be
serving alongside RH and using my Doula skills as part of medical clinic. I hope
to educate women on natural birth to prepare their hearts and minds for delivery.
Along with living in a third world country comes all sorts of roles. Serving the
community of Gressier is what my heart yearns to do. I just want to be used, in
whatever the Lord has.

I am super excited about this journey. I’m excited to learn. To serve. To be used up.

I’m hoping to leave sometime in October. As of right now, I’m not exactly sure

of my departure date and I will work up until then. Honestly, I am unsure of
the duration of my journey. However, I will be diligent in keeping you updated
through Facebook (Jessi White) and my blog (www.jessikayde.blogspot.com).
By visiting www.RespireHaiti.org, you can learn more about the mission of RH,
read Megan’s blog or donate to a great mission. If you would like to donate in
my name, from the website click on the box “donate now” and it will lead you to
another page. From there, donate under “greatest need” and in the note put my
name. When you donate to me, you are also donating to Respire Haiti. For this I
am forever thankful. All donations are tax-deductible.

As for you, I will have everyone’s formula available to the girls at the shop. Angela

and Nicole are no longer at The Shag. They are working at Shear Image
(658-7771), located in Zachary. I would trust anyone of these girls with you,
and I hope that you would continue to use their services.

I am so thankful for you. Thank you for understanding my heart.

Through Jesus ONLY,

Jessi White

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