Monday, January 2, 2012


*the whole month was pretty much spent at my sisters loving on david patrick. what a joy he has been to our family. i think my sister is still in shock over HIM.
* oh, and i had blonde hair.

*on 2/2 my best friend delivered a baby boy Jonah Paul Wax. it was an exciting day for friends and first time g-parents.
*there were also lots of slumber parties with the nieces and other friends that we LOVE.
most weekends for the next couple of months were filled with family fun!!!!!!!
*i had a friend boy that was hanging around as well and he added alot of fun to our lives. we are no longer bf/gf but, he still hangs around and i don't mind his friendship.
*with the new dart house and the new dart boy i really could not stay away from there!!!

*we celebrated kelli and dads birthdays.
*slumber parties were still happening and softball started. bc my sweet sister had her hands full with baby boy, i was picked to be the coach of evie and bella's team. i was EXCITED!! i love the game of softball and teaching a bunch a 8 year olds sounded like a blast so i gladly stepped up to help out. i loved it!!! we didn't win every game but, if a trophy for "most improved" were to be given out, we would have been given it.. i loved every minute of the season. it was a joy to coach these girls..there were no major injuries except for one to the eye. mrs. evie claire was playing pitcher and a line drive to the eye. it was a scary moment for all of us but, everything was fine and she played the next game!! she proved to be very tough.
*addie played t-ball and most of the time really could careless to what was going on... but, she loved running the bases!
*hunter is the best baseball player i know. seeing him play brings so much joy.

*cami and ali made ZHS cheer and were so excited! (like they weren't going to make it) they have turned out to be amazing cheerleaders and im amazed by all the flips & flops that they can do! im soo proud of them and the sweet teens that they are!!
*my cousin drew, aunt sib and uncle lane came in from Cali. its always awesome to see them! after they stayed here for a week or so, they took my queen back with them to Cali for the rest of the summer. i was sooo sad to see her leave but my cousins in cali were so thrilled to spend some time with her. im thankful she got to go.
*we fished alot in april. most were catch and release. fishing is a family favorite and we all seem to be pretty good at it. thanks to our amazing daddy!!!! we did some camping out as well. family memories that will never be forgotten.
*softball was still going on and we probably had only won one game by this time but, it didnt matter to us. we were having fun!!
*josie rosie turn 3 and oh my, she is a hoot.
*i turned 29 on the 28th and sweet baby levi was born. what a fun day!!! eryn and matt are such fun parents. im proud of them!
*i was asked to be apart in a d-now weekend at feliciana baptist church and i met some amazing girls that weekend. still to this day i get to see them often and share life with them. its been very challanging and ive learned so much from them. the Lord has used them to show me so many things. its been fun to hang out with teenagers!
*we played our last softball game in may and only lost by 2 to the best team in the league. needless to say. i was super proud of my girls! GO OILERS!
*i spent ALOT of time with my family during these months. WE always have a blast together and i didnt want to be anywhere else except with them!!!!

*june 3-11 was spent in gressier, Haiti to serve alongside megan boudreaux and respire haiti.
what a trip. words can not explain the love i have for this place and the people. (i wrote a post about this trip ... read below)
*june 30-july 5 was spent in tennessee with a bunch of teenagers. justin, the youth director at fbc asked me to be a chaperone and at 1st i was scared to death. i honestly did not want to do it. im intimidated by teens for some reason and i knew it was going to be very challanging. it turned out, i love teens and i learned a ton from them. it was a great trip!!! im super thankful that i got to go!
*my cousin mikki had casen cooper. and hes a little doll baby.
*july 20-26..Disney World with shan, kaitlyn and kaitlyn. it really is MAGICAL. so very thankful for the trip.
*brother turns 35. (i think)...and he also had some test run on his thyroid. most likely will have his thyroid removed in 2012. he seems to be confident about this and is putting his trust and worry in the Lord.

*august 7-14. laguna beach with family and friends. deacon came with us this year and he did awesome. this is something that i always look forward to. its always so much fun hanging out on the beach all day with all the kids and laughing our heads off!!
*i was able to do some "doulaing". super thankful for the experience.
*tropical storm lee hit so, we went mudriding.
*friday night football with shan--"we love the coach".
*cami and ali cheer games..
*lsu games. the tigers had a GREAT season and on Jan 9th they play for the championship!
*ACL with lana. so dang fun. austin was a blast! and i even got to see kathryn davis!
*had a couple camp-outs under the moon.
*hunter decides to go to Silliman--go wildcats. he was excited about his new move and showed us that he could do it! its been different for him and he is learning alot. im very proud of him.
*cami and ali went to their 1st dances. both and zhs & shs homecoming. they were beautiful!! "PLEASE do not grow up"

*evie and bella turned 9. they are the funniest girls i know. they got their ears pierced and im pretty sure they were the happiest girls in the world on that day!
*more football.
*saw mutemath play. holy moly they're good.
*SYTYCD tour in Nola with friends. so much fun and watching them dance made me wanna quit my job and take dance lessons all day everyday!

*needtobreathe came to the varsity. i shared this night with rebecca blair. we had such a good time!
*thanksgiving week was spent in gressier, haiti with a group from FBC. this trip was super special. super special.this week showed me that its possible. anything is possible. hearts were changed forever.
*hunter turned 16. i feel old.
*watched hunter play basketball for silliman. so fun.
*mom and dad have been married for 39 years and mom had a bday. they are so loved!

*worked alot.
*focused on advent.
*spoiled my nieces and nephews.
*deacon turned 4. he is my favorite 4 year old!!!!
*david patrick turn 1. he is my favorite 1 year old!!!
*wrote a letter to my grandmother. she is my rock.
*christmas eve was spent at my sisters and all 10 of my aunts and uncles were in town. it was a beautiful night and lots of tears were shed. tears of JOY that is. kelli read a few letters that were written to maw. we read the story of Jesus' birth together and thanked HIM for family. *Christmas day was at moms where we read letters to maw as we all sat around the table. tears. tears. tears. she is one special lady and we are all so very thankful for her. it was a beautiful time. im thankful for family. they make my heart full. THANK YOU JESUS.

2011 was spent mostly with family. it was the best. i have the best. they are the best. im so thankful for them and i am the person i am today because of them. they are the iron that sharpens me. they encourage me in Jesus' name. they carry me. they make my heart smile. they make my heart full. im thankful and extremely blessed to be the daughter of baba and pepper white. the sister of kelli/david and jojo/jerrykay. the aunt of hunter,cami,ali,deacon,madelyn,evie,bella,addie,josie,and david patrick. and the granddaughter of my queen, Ida Genevieve Mclin Hopkins. im thankful.

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Beautiful post Jessi! I loved reading about your year!


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