Sunday, December 23, 2012

picture blog

pictures are fun, they can tell their own story. 

this k-3 class has been so fun. what i have learned from their little hearts, i'll never be able to explain.
join me and pray for them daily.

we had a decorating party and the girls kept calling the tree a "Tree Christmas". our little "tree Christmas" is up and we love it. its beginning to look alot like Christmas. even though its 100 degrees.

my dear friend Lana texted me with, "skype call asap" and i just knew the reason! her and myrt will tie the knot March 30th. so happy for them!!

ive been able to hang out with this dude and its been such a blessing to my heart. i love him so much and thankful that his momma lets me love him! 

a team from La. came and they were amazing!! they brought this super cool parachute thingy and the kids loved it!!! 

remember the guys and the nets we prayed for in the earlier post. this was him and his friends were pulling the nets in from the shore. i love this picture. 

this is my sweet Haitian sister Tachi. i love love love her. she runs this place and we are not really sure what we would do without her! im so thankful for her. 

this happened in front of the whole school. it was an awesome day! she said "YES" and they will tie the knot very soon on top of Belluve Mountain! 

im so thankful for sweet friends (kameryn kline) who send me encouragement. its means more to me than you will ever know. 

speaking of sweet friends.... these guys will be here in 3 days!!! yeah!!! hurry up!! 

baby J and Darlene are so special to me. they live at the RH house. darlene is such a hard worker and baby j is a little turd. i love him so dang much!! 

this was from one of the Saturday feedings. melissa breedlove took this photo and i just love it. im holding esther. she has my heart. big time. 

and... its Christmas. whoa. i can't hardly believe it. it feels so good to be here to celebrate Christ birth but at the same time i am missing being with my family during this time. i know this is where God has me at this time. its a beautiful season! 


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megan kelly said...

i love you dear jessi. praying for sweet times with community from home in the next few days. but more than that, for God to continue to cover you with His precious presence that you know so well. you are loved, prayed for, and missed, my friend.


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