Saturday, October 27, 2012

just some thoughts....

just some thoughts:

  • Respire Haiti is a wonderful thing. the Lord has surely shown off. 
  • being here is the beauty of the Lord and i want to declare it. 
  • somedays are harder than others.
  • bucket baths. period. everyone should try it.
  • hand washing clothes, twisting the mess out of them before hanging them on the line (my hands are so weak).. watching the Haitian women do this intimidates me. they are STRONG.
  • i love the wind. it makes the best breeze. especially after the hottest day.
  • Tachi is the best cook. the best.
  • ants are insane. they are everywhere and we can't get rid of them. damn ants. 
  • i miss corporate worship. but, are enjoying the ring community church podcast.
  • i love living in community with the people i live with. they are fun. 
  • Kids in Haiti are beautiful.
  • having fun and loving Jessica, Micha, Jezelo, and Esther is like loving and having fun with my nieces and nephews. yes, they are family to me. 
  • seeing kids in the neighborhood without "much", makes me wanna be a billionaire. but, then i am quick to recognize that they are ok without "much"...that life here is without "much" and its simple. and i like that. the hearts of these darling ones is what matters the most. 
  • walking up that mountain is a work out. i hope to get better at it. as of now, i am struggling.
  • soon, the kinder-3 teacher will have her baby and will be out for 6 weeks. guess who will fill in and and help out with the other teacher?? me! oh my. this should be fun and nuts at the same time. but, im ready. 
  • the ladies (fifi,vales,rose,darline and tachi) that run this house and take care of us completely humble me. i hope to be such a hard worker as them. they know that when they work here, they are serving the Lord bc this place is the Lords. its incredible to be apart of. im so thankful for them.
  • being at the school and seeing the kids work so hard brings so much joy to my heart. it also reminds me of how i wish i didn't take school for granted. if you're reading this and you're in high school or college. please don't take school for granted. be thankful for your education. for your daily lunch. for your teachers. for your a/c. for your decks. for your school supplies. for your clean uniform. for your school building. for your nice, expensive booksacks. for your shoes. for your free education (its not free here), for your books. pencils. goes on. be thankful.
  • as i write this i am in the dark. mosquito's are constantly biting me. im starting to sweat. i stink.  its funny... you can laugh, because i am. i love it. 
  • being here for the tropical storm sandy was tough. it rained for 3 days straight. non-stop. the breeze that came with the rain was amazing. but. the rain caused flooding and damage to property in our area and surrounding cities. today, we are thankful for the sunshine. it has dried up most the rain and everything is really green. the people here have not complain one time. wow. 
  • im so thankful for Jenny Gilbert. she designed the most creative handout for Respire Haiti, that Megan is going to be able handout to thousands of people while she in the states telling folks about RH. JENNY GILBERT you did it again! you amaze me with your work!! peeps, shes the girl to call for all your design needs!!! simply amazing!!!!! and she loves JESUS! 
  • i am so thankful to John Bishop and baker printing. they printed all the 8000 handouts!!! woah, i can't even tell you how my heart was feeling after i got his email.  me and megan did a little jig and were screaming with excitement. we are sooooooo thankful for you JOHN BISHOP.
  • wadley passed the TOEFL test. he was so happy and praised Jesus all night bc of it. it was incredible to be apart of. 
  • alot of times, i feel like the Lord is preparing my heart for something huge that will require alot of patience. i will wait for it. 
  • i especially love technology here bc it allows me to keep in touch with family and friends. 
  • living in Haiti and sharing life with my Haitian friends is an honor. they make me better.
  • i just want to be used up in whatever the Lord has for me. i feel like everyday its something different. He is so good. 
  • He wants all of me. i want to honor Him in all that i do. i mess up most of the time. He makes all things beautiful and uses it. 
  • im so thankful to the ones who have sponsored a student. you will be blessed bc of it. 
  • Live simple. Love Alot.

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Courtney Varnado said...

Love your thoughts, love u. Praying for u and Haiti. Sweet sweet girl right here. Love umy oldest best friend!!!!!!


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