Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LSU won.. and will hopefully WIN tonight! for the CHAMPS
its hott.
my heart is still sad. but getting better hopefully.
kids make my heart smile.
family in from cali. they are so cute.
my uncle is sick and it makes me sad.
i want to be a mid-wife.
i really really want to be at Galilea soon. i miss them.
Jesus reminds me daily that He is in control. sometimes its just really hard.
im thankful for HIM. for His comfort.
new music = Tyrone Wells and Justin Young.
i can't beleive its already july.
i dream daily to have an orphanage. a haven for kids.
sometimes my thoughts are in spanish, and i like it.
im kinda on a diet. well...
family is so sweet. im so thankful for them.


Janee said...

I have scrapbook stuff for your friend... Mom went through her stuff too!!

lsumom2three said...

I have a friend that is a doula. Kind of like a mid wife! That would be awesome for you! miss you, love you!

lsumom2three said...

btw...it's ashley!

pepper said...

jess, i love you and your comments,, straight from your heart,,a heart filled to the brim with love,, a heart that is healing,,


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